Advanced Somatic Therapy™

Developed over the last decade, Advanced Somatic Therapy™ is a cornerstone of Thunder Mountain's offerings.
Comprehensive Kinetic Chain AssessmentThe foundation of this treatment is a comprehensive multipoint assessment where, together with the client intake, we determine the areas of physical restriction, compensation and neuromuscular inefficiency (lack of stability and control).
From this map we are able to determine the primary areas or focus for the soft tissue portion of the treatments as well as client "homework."
In addition to soft tissue manipulation, A.S.T. sessions include continued assessment and neuro-energetic facilitation to release deep fascial restrictions, energetic encapsulation and neural entrapment.
 A core component of the A.S.T. session is the Therapeutic Fitness Training which assists in restoring optimal functioning of body.  This training consists of not only gross level functional components such as corrective flexibility and exercise techniques but also deeper disciplines of breath work, focused concentration and lifestyle modification techniques.

The recommended exercises are ultimately aimed at increasing the client's overall quality of life and restoring functional efficiency (proper movement of the body) as well as bio and neuro-energetic circulation.

To take full advantage of the benefit of this work, a minimum of three sessions is recommended although most clients report improvement from even a single session.

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