Navigating The Sacred™

There exists in each of us the potential to transform ourselves and heal our world. Navigating The Sacred™ is the key to opening the door your innate fully actualized potential.

What if you could answer the questions about your ultimate potential?

Have you ever wondered what it is that you could do to change the current state of the world?

It is said that every experience holds the potential for enlightenment.  The question begs, how do we access this awareness in everyday life?  In Navigating The Sacred™ we will weave ancient universal principles into cutting edge science, taking you on a journey into the relationship between human experience and your sacred potential.

Included in this illuminating two-day workshop:

    • An Exploration Of “The Three Mysteries”
    • An Introduction to the Art Of Spiritual Cartography™
    • Individual tools for Navigating The Sacred™

Navigating The Sacred™ reconnects you, the Navigator, to the present moments of your life, that sacred thread that runs through all of our experiences.

The benefits of this two day workshop include:
A reawakening of your sense of direction and purpose
A profound understanding of where you fit into life's equation
The courage to live life fearlessly

Additionally, in this workshop, participants will experience an audience-based resonance therapy with Jeff Masters, Director of Thunder Mountain Wellness Center. To preserve an intimate atmosphere, space is limited to thirty participants.

The Navigating The Sacred™ Weekend Workshop is the second level course in the Thunder Mountain Wellness's Core Curriculum.

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