Thunder Mountain Philosophy

One of the fundamental philosophies of the Thunder Mountain Wellness Center is the belief that we are all composite beings. That is, each of us consists of mind, body and energetic components that bind our universe together. It is all too common that modern society draws a distinct separation between the mind, the body and the spirit (energy). These components are not separate but are each a part of and under the influence of the others. It is through the all to common dis-integration of these components that the nexus of imbalance and disease occurs.We believe that at a fundamental level all things are connected and one.

We believe that all experiences in life are sacred.

We believe that our physical existence is the expression of the union of universal forces (heaven) and earth.

We believe that it is the dance of our will, desires, intention and perceptions that creates the reality around us.

We believe that as we are created from the foundations of matter and share this bond with all things, create our own reality, are willing participants in that reality and are the union of heaven and earth, then all that we focus our attention on / create is of divine origin and therefore sacred.

Finally, we at Thunder Mountain Wellness Center hold true that all beings are or have the innate potential to be empowered and gifted healers in their own right who will ultimately heal their world.

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