Sacred Anatomy of The Chakras

You Are Invited On A Journey

Prepare yourself, this is not your average ‘chakra’ or ‘energy’ course.  During this Experiential Series we will explore, in depth, each of the seven chakras, their physical and energetic anatomy, the impact each has on our physiology, psychology and perception of the world and what we can do to empower and balance these true forces of nature.

Each Class Includes:

  •   • Comprehensive Physical & Energetic Anatomy
  •   • Chakra Specific Practices including:
    •   • Postures & Breath Work
    •   • Aromatherapy & Marma Point Therapy
    •   • Guided Visualization & Relaxation Exercises
  •   • Student Handouts
  •   • Thunder Mountain Chakra Forum Membership

Chakras & Class Dates

Muladhara Chakra TBD Register Here
Svadhistana Chakra TBD Register Here
Manipura Chakra TBD Register Here
Anahata Chakra TBD Register Here
Vishuddhi Cakra Vishuddhi Chakra Saturday, April 27th Register Here
Ajna Chakra Saturday, June 1, 2013 Register Here
Sahasrara Chakra TBD Register Here

Participants may attend the entire course or pick and choose the classes that interest them.

Cost Per Class: $50
The Entire Series: $325

Time & Location

Class Time: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  The Shiva Shack
  928 North Main Street
  Cottonwood, AZ 86326

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