Sacred Anatomy™

The separation between animus or spirit and matter began centuries ago. Only recently has science and society began to explore their interdependent underpinnings.

In Sacred Anatomy™ we endeavor to reintroduce you to the sacred and powerful nature of the human body.

This is not your average cakra or energy class. Participants will learn the wondrous nature of the structure and function of the human body and how the intrinsic energy which makes up its very foundation can both heal and causes disease.

Sacred Anatomy™ focuses on the physical body, neurophysiology and psychoimmunology as pathways to a deeper understanding of mind, body and energy unified field theory. Topics to be covered include:

    • Anatomy & Physiology
    • Emotional & Neuro-emotional Anatomy
    • Basic and advanced Energetic Anatomy
   • How all these aspects of our being interact in the wonderful dance that creates our present physical experience called life.

This workshop includes lecture, demonstration and practical exercises geared to allow participants to further explore this sacred inner-personal relationship.

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