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Society in general tends to view bodywork as a luxury, to be enjoyed by those who have unlimited funds or time. Both of these positions couldn’t be further from the truth.

We invest a great deal of time, money and energy in our lives. Financially we purchase stocks and bonds.  Occupationally we invest in our future by attending institutes of higher learning.  Seldom, however, do we invest in our physical, mental or energetic future because either, it takes too much time and energy to do so or the consequences are not as apparent as say, financial loss or a bad job.

By participating in our health and wellness programs, you are investing in your future and improving the quality of your life.  In fact, you are impacting the well-being of every person around you.

The benefits of therapeutic bodywork include relief from acute and chronic pain, improved circulation, increased mobility, restored postural integrity and balance, reduced stress and an overall sense of well-being.


Profound Stillness Massage (60 minutes - $65 / 90 minutes - $90)
Therapist: Arin Thrine

60 Min Package Prices: (3 for $165 / 5 for $250)
90 Min Package Prices: (3 for $240 / 5 for $375)
Take some time out to become completely still. The profound stillness massage blends skilled soft tissue therapy and soothing energy work with warm towels and therapeutic essential oils to melt away tension and stress and bring you back to center.

Prenatal Massage (60 minutes - $50)
Therapist: Arin Thrine

Massage techniques tailored specifically to the needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies. Prenatal massage relaxes tense muscles, eases sore spots, improves circulation and mobility, and just makes you feel good!

Deep Tissue Massage (75 minutes - $80)
Therapist: Arin Thrine

Package Prices: (3 for $210 / 5 for $300)
Deeper work to target specific areas of chronic and acute tension and pain.

Craniosacral Therapy (75 minutes - $100)
Therapist: Jeff Masters

This low impact and profoundly transformative therapy works with the body's central nervous system, connective tissues and cerebral spinal fluid to normalize and tone the nervous system and release deep seated tissue memories and traumas.

Advanced Somatic Therapy™
Therapist: Jeff Masters
Initial Appointment (120 minutes - $150)
Subsequent Appointments (90 minutes - $125)
90 Min Package Prices: (3 for $345 / 6 for $625)

Based on a comprehensive multipoint assessment, these sessions realign the deeper musculoskeletal structures, normalize visceral functions and include neuromuscular reeducation. To take full advantage of the benefit of this work, three sessions are recommended.

High Intensity Directed Energy™ Work (90 minutes - $125)
Therapist: Jeff Masters

Package Prices: (3 for $345 / 5 for $550)
Working directly with the bioenergetic field of the body, this session identifies and releases restrictions, corrects imbalances and re patterns aberrant energetic signatures.

Myofacial Release Therapy (60 minutes - $75)
Therapist: Jeff Masters

This therapy involves applying sustained pressure, tension and energy to the connective tissue system to release restrictions, improve range of motion, normalize visceral functioning and increase energetic flows within the body.

Private Yoga (60 minutes - $60 / $15 per each additional person)
Therapist: Arin or Jeff

60 Min Package Prices: (3 for $165)
Whether you are just beginning your practice or would like to re-invigorate your current sadhana, a private session with Arin or Jeff is just the ticket!

Yoga Therapy (4 Sessions  - $325)
Therapist: Jeff Masters

Thunder Mountain Yoga Therapy integrates the yogic sciences with a wide breadth of knowledge in the somatic arts as well as over ten years of clinical experience to address all of your concerns. Each session is as unique as the individual and custom tailored to your current situation.

Sacred Cartography Reading (60 minutes - $50)
Therapist: Jeff Masters

Why am I here?

What’s my life’s purpose?

What if you could receive clarity on any of these questions and more surrounding your life’s path? During your Sacred Cartography Reading you will be given a glimpse of your fully actualized potential. Throughout your session, you will receive information regarding the landscape of your path and provide you with candid insights and, if requested, direction.


We are adaptive beings. If something changes in our environment, either inside or out, our mental attitudes, physical structure and energetic signatures will adapt to accommodate it. Over time, we will try to maintain a certain point of balance in health and wellness so that if a change occurs, we will shift back to that set point. This is the foundation of homeostasis. It exists on all levels of being and is important to take into account when considering any health and wellness program. At Thunder Mountain we recommend a minimum of three sessions to start, as this gives you the chance to experience a profound shift that may not be available from a single session.

At Thunder Mountain Wellness Center we believe that all human beings, regardless of their situation have a right to live a healthy, happy, fulfilled and vibrant life.  As such, we urge you to speak to us in the event that you desire to book a session or package and feel you are unable to meet the suggested session price.

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NOTE: Session length may vary depending on client needs and therapist discretion. Also, session fees are subject to change without notice.

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