Your Session: What To Expect

When you receive a session at Thunder Mountain Wellness there are a few things that will help you to integrate and process the experience before and after.

The first is to understand that the work we do here is multilayered and multifaceted.  It may at once seem physical in that it interfaces with the client's physical body releasing physical tissues and restrictions but at the same time it is profoundly energetic on many levels.

Utilizing specific therapeutic techniques and disciplines your therapist will access a myriad of non-local, non-verbal quantum energetic levels / patterns.  It is only when these patterns and their physical correlates are finally released that true healing can begin.

As such, during a session you may experience one or more of the following:

  • A sense of being deeply relaxed
  • Feelings of resistance or anxiety
  • Altered states of awareness
  • Involuntary body movements or twitches (kriyas)
  • Stomach sounds
  • Random (or not so random) insights or memories
  • A heightened sense, or the release, of emotions
  • Various physical sensations:
    - Pressure or being stuck to the table
    - Tingling
    - Cold or warmth
    - Vibrations or wave like movements
    - Flashing or different colored lights behind the eyes or around the body.

Also, though the information that is sometimes shared can seem intuitive in nature, it is simply being communicated in very real sub-quantum entrainment that occurs during the therapeutic process.  It is this same "entrained" connection that allows for deeper healing to occur.

As this work takes place on many different levels, a typical session that lasts anywhere from 60 - 90 minutes may take up to three days (or more) to completely settle into and integrate with your body, mind and energetic structures.  During this time it is recommended that the client pay special attention to their body, emotions, mental posture (moods) specific physical sensations and dreams.  Clients are always urged to take the time to write down their experiences in a journal or notebook for review later.

If there are any questions about the nature of your session or what you are experiencing afterwards, please feel free to contact our office directly.

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