Client Testimonials

"His knowledge amazed me. It wasn't just the academic knowledge, although you couldn't ask for more from any teacher, it was the intuition and energy he possessed that made me literally rethink things that had been my beliefs and opened doors for me as to what I could accomplish within myself. Listening to what Jeff taught us and seeing how he used his knowledge in his own life and experiencing energy work and therapeutic work for the first time has changed the way I think, has changed what I believe is possible and has changed how I want to live my life and how I want to take care of myself."
-Amy Currie
"Your ideas are filled with such strength and made me ready to pursue my own with renewed vigor."
-Anne Locascio
"Jeff is the perfect fitness consultant. He takes time with those who need it as well as challenges those above and beyond where they can go without him. Great to be around!"
-Beth Weesner
"I just wanted to thank you. As a teacher you were precise, thorough but also fun and compassionate. I marvel at you ability to reach people in a meaningful way. It never ceases to amaze me how you are able to tune into the world around you."
-Casey Evans
"I have gone to many yoga, native American and personal growth retreats in the last 15 years. Jeff is hands down the most intuitive and insightful instructor I have ever encountered. Not only does he draw on a wide range of practices and philosophies but he synthesizes these in a way that is direct, practical and easy to put into action immediately."
-Cathryn Ceno
"I first approached Jeff as an old injured wannabe athlete. If first impressions mean anything, I was duly impressed with his communication skills, patience and professionalism. He has not yet let me down. Jeff's knowledge of the human anatomy is impressive, and his "bedside" manner is great. After a couple of sessions with him, I really noticed relief in my lower back and right leg. Another gift of Jeff's is his desire to heal and follow up with his clientele. He has very strong personal (people) skills. I shall seek his hand each and every time that I come stay at my residence in Sedona."
-Douglas Napp
"Informative, enlightening and transformational, Jeff gifts you with the keys for unlocking your true potential, a MUST experience!"
-Ellen Larson
"Jeff, I've had a nagging, chronic, annoying, irritating, pesky, frustrating, irksome, maddening, niggling, infuriating and exasperating pain in my lower back. One deep tissue session with you has done more than several physical therapy treatments. For the first time in two years, I'm pain free!"
-Joann Dunn
"Jeff has given us the tools useful in everyday life that offer a pathway to the fulfillment of your dreams, and the awakening of you sacred spirit. His guide to 'Setting your Intentions' is a truly wonderful resource for anybody to use in bringing about positive change in your life."
-Judy Lanning
"Thank you for making me feel like a new person - emotionally, physically & mentally."
-Kathy Greenleaf
"Jeff's class was top rate - a five star event!"
-Marcia Frye
"Jeff has a rare gift."
-Meredith Ian
"Just a quick moment of appreciation for all your immense talent, your quick mind, and most of all your loving heart. You are blessed with so very much and I am lucky to think of you as more than teacher but also as a friend."
-Ruth Taka
"My wife and I spent the morning at Thunder Mountain Wellness Center, which included Personal Training, Yoga Therapy, and Spiritual Cartography with Jeff and massages with Arin. It was the most fulfilling day we have ever had in Sedona. We have been coming up from Phoenix for years but this time found Thunder Mountain; Jeff and Arin set us up with an experience that we will not only ever forget, but also will draw upon as a spiritual guide for years to come. Before you try other energy-work gurus in Sedona, make an appointment with Jeff first, he is the real deal."
-The Brooks
"For the first time in a long time I have felt at peace with myself. I actually feel I can give more of myself to others and hopefully make a difference in their lives as you did to me."
-Tracie McCaulley
"I anticipated the Navigating the Sacred ™ seminar would be interesting, but I didn't realize just how connected to the universe I would feel. I am a spiritual person with an engineering background, so I was tremendously excited at how Jeff related the spiritual to the technical. The two hours flew by and I was sorry when it was over. My meditation at the end of the seminar was the most intense I have ever experienced. I attribute this to the energy that was in the room that evening, which I believe was strong because of Jeff's amazing abilities. I came away with a strong desire to meditate, set my intentions and better connect with my sacred aspect. I will definitely use the techniques that Jeff taught us and hope that I have the opportunity to attend the more extensive two-day seminar that the Thunder Mountain Wellness Center offers."
-Vicky Modrak

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