“The Master is the one who is willing to try, and fail, and try again, for as long as he or she lives.” - George Leonard

'Thunder Mountain Mentorship Program' is a masters level apprenticeship program offered through Thunder Mountain Wellness, the Tatsujin Academy™ and our various Alliance Members.  This program is designed for licensed therapists and bodyworkers to increase their level of knowledge and integrate core concepts that we embody at Thunder Mountain Wellness.

Accepted applicants will spend no less than one year and will be expected to undertake a rigorous program of personal study and practice, education and hands on clinical practicum, at times side by side with Thunder Mountain therapists. In house lectures and one-on-one hands on instruction may include the fields of bioenergetics, soft tissue mobilization and treatment, energetic and structural assessment, pre and post injury corrective exercise training, performance enhancement treatment / planning, therapeutic yoga and movement therapies and lifestyle management.

This mentorship program is currently open to the following professions:

  • Licensed Therapists
  • Licensed Bodyworkers (Massage Therapists, Somatic Therapists)
  • Yoga Therapists*
  • Applications for Personal Trainers, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors etc. are currently under
review of acceptance into this program.**

If you are interested in participating in this life changing opportunity, please contact our admissions representative.

* Yoga Therapists must have attended a Yoga Therapy Program of no less than 300 hours and have a total of 500 hours
education in Yoga and Yoga Therapy.
** In the future this program may be modified to accept professionally licensed Personal Trainers, Athletic Trainers,
Chiropractors etc. who want to deepen and expand their current offerings for their clients.

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