Thunder Mountain Packages / Retreats

The Sedona Experience
Journey to the red rocks of Sedona and experience everything you've heard of: breathtaking views, inspired bodywork and insightful intuitive guidance.
Package Includes:

•  Profound Stillness Massage (60 minutes)
•  High Intensity Directed Energy Session
•  Spiritual Cartography Reading
Cost: $200

Sadhana Start Up!
If you are just beginning a yoga practice or want to take your current practice to the next level, this package is for you.
Package Includes:
•  Yoga Practice Review/Discussion of Goals
•  2 Private Yoga Classes (90 minutes each)
•  Thai Yoga Massage
Cost: $300

Advanced Somatic Therapy Retreat
Package Includes:
•  Complete Kinetic Chain Assessment
•  2 A.S.T. Bodywork Sessions (90 minutes each)
•  Therapeutic Fitness Training:
-   Corrective Exercise Training
-   Flexibility Training
-   & Interactive Goal Orienteering
Cost: $450

Profound Stillness Package
Package Includes:
•  Profound Stillness Massage with Custom Aromatherapy (90 minutes)
•  Private Yoga Session or Thai Yoga Massage
•  Lifestyle Consultation
Cost: $250

Yoga Therapy Retreat
Package Includes:
•  Initial Client Intake & Consultation (2 hours)
•  3 Yoga Therapy Sessions (90 minutes each)
•  Marma (Vital Point) Therapy Treatment:
-   Custom Aromatherapy
-   Acoustic therapy
Cost: $500

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