Thunder Mountain Wellness Subscription Terms

Thank you for your interest in the Thunder Mountain Wellness Center's e-mail based Journal.

Each issue of the TMWC Journal will include topics such as cutting edge research in the fields of mind/body/spirit, complimentary alternative health care, health and fitness news, nutrition, lifestyle tips and much, much more!


Integrity of Customer Information

It is our strict policy not to sell, rent, trade, disseminate or disclose any of our customer information except to contact them regarding any special offers from TMWC or request for information they may have sent us. Mailing lists and site visitor names are not sold, bartered or distributed.

Removal from Mailing Lists

Removal from the TMWC Journal subscriber list is simple. You can follow the link supplied in every e-mail and remove your own e-mail address or, if you feel you have received an e-mail by accident or wish to be removed from a list and cannot navigate to the link included in the e-mail, simply forward the offending e-mail complete with Internet headers via to Support.

Proper Use

As a subscriber to the TMWC Journal, you agree to have your email address stored on our server(s). You also agree to receiving the TMWC Journal monthly (frequency of issuance subject to change without notice). As a customer, you further agree that you will not transmit defamatory, damaging, inflammatory, or any remarks considered unacceptable, nor improperly make accusations, true or untrue. You understand that has the right to and will prosecute to the fullest extent possible, any and all persons who may do so under Federal and International laws.

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